Causes and how to lighten dark and pigmented lips

We all know that pink lips look healthy and pretty but we also know that not everyone is blessed with it. There are many factors that causes our lips to get dark and darker overtime. Unless you were born with naturally dark lips, I can tell you that there is a way to regain those pink healthy looking lips using natural and homemade remedies.

But let me enumerate the causes of darkened lips.

  • POOR DIET - Our lips is often overlooked as a clear indicator if you're ill. Hence, if your diet is missing Vitamin C, Vit. B-2 & B-6 and Iron you will notice a color degradation, scaling, bleeding, swelling and dullness on your lips.
    Lacked of these nutrients & vitamin causes lips to cracked, prone to sores and looking pale and dull.
  • DEHYDRATION - dry lips and mouth is a sign of dehydration. Drink at least 8 glasses of water or 4-5 16 fl. oz bottled water a day. Avoid or limit your coffee and tea intake as they are diuretic and will only cause excessive dry lips.
  • SMOKING - it's not a secret that smoking can and will turn your lips dark the longer you smoke. Every puff, the tar and nicotine from the cigarette gets transferred to the lips when you inhaled causing discoloration as it constricts blood vessels in the skin. Limited blood flow will turn your once healthy rosy looking lips to get dark overtime. 
  • CONSTANT LICKING - our saliva contains digestive enzymes that can wear and thin out the skin on our lips exposing it to environmental hazards. Stop licking your lips and no it's it's not sexy.
  • GENETICSlet's face it, some people are born with dark or black lips but having dark lips doesn't mean unhealthy. You can do something to make your skin look lighter and healthier looking by using products that helps scale down melanin in your lips. There are ways to keep your lips looking their best by using lemon, beets, sugar scrubs, petroleum jelly, coconut oil and Lip Lightening Lip Balms.

If you follow the steps I mentioned above, I guarantee you that you will have a healthy looking lips in no time. My routine consist of applying coconut oil and/or Lip Lightening Lip Balm before bed and I wake up the next day with plump rosy looking lips. And oh, don't forget to use sunblock on your lips esp. when staying out in the sun for awhile.

Ciao Beauties!