Not all Peeling Oils are made the same

What comes to mind when you hear peeling oil? It's an oil that peels the top layer of the skin. But many often misconstrued that all Peeling Oil are made the same, they are not. And no matter what, peeling oils are not meant to be used for Private parts and this includes inner thighs and inguinal area.

Manufacturers uses color to differentiate. But typically Peeling oil differs in strength, depending on the percentage of its active ingredients. If it's not listed then it is the normal strength suitable for all skin types and issues. Application may differ as well, if you are using it on your body, the instruction is typically 3X/day for 3 consecutive days. Meanwhile for Face, it's only once a day for 3 days. Some of our clients would contact us stating that they used the Peeling Oil 3 times in just one day and they peel the next day, although we do not recommend this because skin on our face is too delicate to be put on this type of stress, but we're putting it out there that people do these things .

Prevention is key when you are dealing with skin peeling. Start slow and follow the instruction to the T. After a few sessions, you would have a clear understanding of what the product can and can not do to your skin, then you can certainly use it to your own discretion or move to a higher strength after. And to make sure that you maintain the skin lightening regimen, Sunblock. Do not forget the sunblock.

You can find all types of peeling oil esp. in the online market today so be very careful when choosing the right peeling oil for you. Make sure that you are dealing with a trusted source that has been proven to provide safe and effective products and not fly by nights. 

Your skin is too precious to be put on a test. One wrong product with damage that are often irreparable is all it take.

When it comes to Skin Lightening Peeling Oil, quality over quantity is the key.

Let us know if you have any questions or feel free to share your experience to us and others so they too can be enlighten and learn something from this type of skin procedure.

How to use Gluta-C Skin Lightening Cream for best results!

Some of you must be so frustrated looking for a skin lightening cream that work but all of them turned out to be just a marketing fluke and results are contrary to what's stated on their advertisements.

Well, you're not alone. We have hundreds of customers who came to us with the same sentiments and openly expressed their doubts about Gluta-C Skin Lightening cream, and we completely understand the hesitation. In this tough economy, the last thing we want is for some company to falsely advertise that their product(s) will do wonders on your skin, but turned out to be just a big disappointment and a complete waste of money. 

We're here to tell you that Gluta-C Skin Lightening Cream does not need propaganda or any marketing strategy. Gluta-C is the longest running and selling Skin Lightening cream in the market to date. It has been around since 2003, that alone should give you solace, knowing that it lasted this long because of one and one reason alone; it's EFFECTIVENESS.  And we are here to tell you that those customers that expressed their doubts in the beginning are now our very happy and grateful loyal clientele.

Once you tried Gluta-C for just a few days, you'll know right away that it works and yes, few days is all it takes to get the preview of what's to come as far as achieving that blemish free, fairer, younger looking skin.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try it for yourself. Then you can thank us later.


  • helps lighten spots and and all types of skin blemishes
  • removes dead skin cells making skin look brighter and fresh
  • shrink pores
  • helps eliminate crows feet and wrinkles
  • lessen the use of makeup

Proper steps and procedure:

  1. Wash face preferably with any of our skin whitening soap ie; Glutathione, Kojic Triple Blend etc., for the first 2-3 days, you can let the soap sit for 10-20 seconds, please use only the soft part of your finger, do not scrub. Wash and rinse thoroughly. Leaving residue will cause irritation, really bad irritation so be very careful.
  2. After washing, you can use the skin lightening toner, put some on a use cotton ball, just dab, do not rub. apply just a pea size Gluta-C Skin Lightening Cream on your face, you don't need to cheat thinking that putting a thick layer will garner faster results, no it's not. Just apply a thin layer avoiding the inner corners of the mouth and eyes. Wait a few minutes until its absorbed through the skin then you can go to bed. Remember to only use Gluta-C Skin Lightening Cream at night, this is not a moisturizer, consider this as a treatment cream.
  3. Rinse it off in the morning using any of our skin whitening soap, apply toner then use moisturizer with sunblock or just sunblock.
  4. You can use makeup as long as it contains Sun protection ie; Mineral makeup (additional SPF 15) or BB cream that should add another SPF 25-50 to your protection.  
  5. In the next few days, your skin may start to feel tight as it's getting to to shed/peel, just continue to apply moisturizer or petroleum jelly.
  6. Once you start peeling, you may want to lay low using the soap, just wash and rinse properly, it may feel stingy and sore during this process so feel free to use a fan after rinsing, it is bearable however for some people who are seriously sensitive, you may need to skip the soap and toner., but I don't recommend that of course if you wish to achieve that glowing, fairer, blemish free skin. Beauty is sacrifice, always remember that.
  7. After 5-7 days, the stinging should subside, if not just use the fan while rinsing with the soap and applying the toner. Just continue with this regimen for 30 days. Then after 30 days, give your skin a 1-2 weeks break from Gluta-C Skin Lightening cream and use any nourishing night cream to substitute it. 
  8. The morning regimen stays the same, only take out Gluta-C Skin Lightening cream on your night regimen. You should see visible beautiful results after a week or two.

Interested? You can purchase Gluta-C Skin Lightening Cream HERE