Not all Peeling Oils are made the same

What comes to mind when you hear peeling oil? It's an oil that peels the top layer of the skin. But many often misconstrued that all Peeling Oil are made the same, they are not. And no matter what, peeling oils are not meant to be used for Private parts and this includes inner thighs and inguinal area.

Manufacturers uses color to differentiate. But typically Peeling oil differs in strength, depending on the percentage of its active ingredients. If it's not listed then it is the normal strength suitable for all skin types and issues. Application may differ as well, if you are using it on your body, the instruction is typically 3X/day for 3 consecutive days. Meanwhile for Face, it's only once a day for 3 days. Some of our clients would contact us stating that they used the Peeling Oil 3 times in just one day and they peel the next day, although we do not recommend this because skin on our face is too delicate to be put on this type of stress, but we're putting it out there that people do these things .

Prevention is key when you are dealing with skin peeling. Start slow and follow the instruction to the T. After a few sessions, you would have a clear understanding of what the product can and can not do to your skin, then you can certainly use it to your own discretion or move to a higher strength after. And to make sure that you maintain the skin lightening regimen, Sunblock. Do not forget the sunblock.

You can find all types of peeling oil esp. in the online market today so be very careful when choosing the right peeling oil for you. Make sure that you are dealing with a trusted source that has been proven to provide safe and effective products and not fly by nights. 

Your skin is too precious to be put on a test. One wrong product with damage that are often irreparable is all it take.

When it comes to Skin Lightening Peeling Oil, quality over quantity is the key.

Let us know if you have any questions or feel free to share your experience to us and others so they too can be enlighten and learn something from this type of skin procedure.