Why Funky Mommy Glutathione soap is the best choice for skin lightening?

Many people are torn as to what kind of skin lightening soap would give better results. Well, first off, for beginners and esp. for those with sensitive skin, I highly suggest Glutathione Skin Lightening soap. Our Glutathione soap is packed with vitamins and minerals to replenish the skin. We all know that Glutathione or any skin whitening soap for that matter can cause skin dryness therefore it is very important to use a moisturizer or lotion that is rich in Vitamin E and must also contain sunblock. 

Below are just few of the questions we receive from our customers about why we think Funky Mommy Glutathione Skin Lightening soap is the leading skin whitening soap in the market today and why it's a great choice!

How does Funky Mommy Glutathione soap lighten the skin, we just rinse them off anyways?

  • Good question, first of  Funky Mommy Glutathione Soap is not an ordinary bath soap, it may be topical but it contains coconut oil and Vitamin E oil that are proven to hold moisture therefore binding all the skin lightening ingredients making it easy to be absorbed in the skin. Continued use of Glutathione is proven to stop the production of melanin on the skin, so the more you incorporate Glutathione in your daily regimen the  brighter and lighter skin your skin will turn out.

Glutathione can also expedite the skin's exfoliation, our skin does self exfoliate every 28 days however as we age exfoliating seem to slow down and must need outside help to enforce the peeling. So having Glutathione soap comes in handy. And for those with aging skin Glutathione soap is also highly recommended not just placenta soap. 

What sets your Glutathione soap apart from competitors?

  • The name: Funky Mommy Glutathione soap has been the pioneer in skin lightening world, it's been around since 2003.
  • the secret ingredients- the reason why it's the most sought out Glutathione soap in the market today. Our Glutathione soap is specially formulated to target quick and safe skin whitening results.
  • safe and effective - just try it and see for yourself!

"Why did you stop using boxes with your soaps?

  •  We have been ask these many times and prior to removing the box, we announced our intention to all our clients as well as posted it on our website. First, it was mainly a business decision. We all know that our skin whitening soaps are imported, shipping cost is the main reason that drives the cost of skin whitening soaps. Second, packaging is for aesthetics only. What do you do after opening a box of soap - you throw them away. So why would we invest on something that is not valuable to our customers? Third, back then our cost for each bar of Glutathione soap was almost $16.99, when we remove the packing and other aesthetics, we managed to lower the cost for our customers thus providing them the same quality skin whitening soaps. Fourth and lastly-  all our soaps are FDA registered. All the ingredients had been submitted and filed, therefore as long as we have the ingredients listed on our site, you can be sure that you are getting the highest quality and affordable Glutathione Skin Lightening soap. Did I mention that our Glutathione soap is the heaviest and the biggest in the market? it weighs 150g compare that to others that are only 90g-120g.

What does this mean for you? That means it's more bang for your buck!

So, are you still skeptical? Rest assured that our Glutathione soap will address all the skin issues that you may have; pimple marks, age spots, liver spots, sun spots, hyperpigmentation caused by a bad skin whitening products, freckles and even melasma. And last but definitely not the least..DON'T forget to use sunblock and do not expose yourself under direct heat or sunlight.

So Goodluck and may you go on your merry way of safe skin lightening with Funky Mommy Glutathione Soap!

TIP: for best and faster results, incorporate Skin Whitening cream and pills with your regimen for a celebrity like beautiful flawless skin!