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Kojic Acid Skin Lightening Soap

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Kojic Acid Skin Lightening Soap

Achieve that flawless, blemish free, lighter, younger looking skin in no time. And feel the immediate difference on your skin right on its first use. Try it! See visible results in days!

Kojic Soap - This soap is particularly for the LESS sensitive ones. It's a bit stronger than the Glutathione soap but garners the same results. If you experience peeling, this should last not more than a week.

This soap is created via cold process method, to ensure that valuable nutrients are retained . Delicately scented, ideal for all skin types. And guaranteed effective with no harmful side effects.
We can honestly say that our soaps are far more superior in quality and effectiveness than Belo!

Ingredients: Kojic acid, Vitamin A, C, E, Soya Glycerin, AHA, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Grapeseed extract, and distilled water.

Direction for Use
Wet skin, gently massage soap on the skin, DO NOT RUB, avoid getting into eyes, nose or mouth. Let it sit for just a few seconds (First time user: just wash regularly). Then rinse thoroughly with cold water, leaving residue will cause skin to itch and feeling sore.

IMPORTANT: Apply moisturizer generously after, all skin whitening soaps tends to dry the skin as part of the exfoliation process. Sunblock A MUST.

FYI: Since our soaps are Imported, it's inevitable that "some not all"  will have some bumps and dents due to handling by Import Couriers.. It's superficial and will not affect the potency nor efficacy of the product or even it's net weight. COLOR: color may vary from light orange to deep, this is due to oxidation of kojic acid and wether its new batch. Again, potency and effectiveness is not affected by these changes.


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