Be Blemish Free

All Purpose TAWAS CALAMANSI Skin Lightening Cream with SPF 30

$ 22.95

Be Blemish Free

All Purpose TAWAS CALAMANSI Skin Lightening Cream with SPF 30

$ 22.95

Tawas Calamansi All Purpose Cream

Highly requested and is now finally here!

Ship directly from the USA and in a full size 2oz jar. Tawas Calamansi All Purpose Cream is now here for your all over skin lightening needs. This cream is especially formulated for all over skin lightening from your head down to your toes. No harsh side effects such as skin peeling, redness or soreness that are usually associated with skin whitening products.  This will safely yet quickly lighten parts that has been burdening you. So fret no more, you just found the cream that would work on all those problem parts safely and naturally.


  • Moisturize, rejuvenate and lighten skin
  • helps remove dark spots
  • will lift your confidence tremendously
  • restore your self esteem

 works great on these affected areas:

  • knees
  • inner thighs
  • inguinal and butt 
  • underarms
  • neck and crusty dark nape 
  • body odor 
  • excessive underarm sweating


Calamansi spelled kalamansi in native Tagalog orthography.
Scientific name: Citrus microcarp.

Rich in Vitamin C, commonly use as a natural bleaching agent and known to successfully clear skin of all types of blemishes and discoloration with no untoward side effects. And effectively deliver antioxidant to the skin that helps prevent wrinkles and other signs of aging.

Tawas or Potassium Alum - known for its effective treatment of acne, skin whitening by effectively deterring melanin production, treating cancer sores, healing canker sores, cracked heels, bad breath, deter pre-aging signs, restrain bacterial infections and excessive perspiration.


Aloe Vera, Calamansi Extract, Glutathione, Alum, cetearyl alcohol, , stearic acid (vegetable source), zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, glycerin, Vitamin A, B3, C & E. 
Net weight: 2oz