Facts, Usage of Gluta-C® Supplement

Usage of Gluta

Gluta-C known as the Ultimate Anti-oxidant, Anti-Aging and fairer skin capsule in one. We firmly believe that healthy skin comes from within and if you have a healthy system it shows and radiates through your skin. Gluta-C possessed the purest and the most effective Glutathione in the market and it is proudly made in the USA in an FDA Approved Facility. It's main ingredients are double strength Reduced-Glutathione(500mg), Alpha Lipoic Acid(100mg) and Vitamin C(100mg), powerful combination for a healthy immune system and rosy white skin. This is not just for women, men can also benefit from using Gluta-C, as toxic and harsh elements does not discriminate. It targets everyone from all walks of life.

As some of you may not know, Gluta-C's main ingredients is Glutathione, which is considered to be the most powerful, most versatile, and most important of the body's self-generated antioxidants. It plays a very important role in maintaining our health. It reduces the free radicals present in our body and prevents the deterioration of healthy living cells.                                    

Glutathione is a small protein composed of three amino acids - cysteine, glutamic acid, and glycine - that is involved in detoxification and antioxidant mechanisms. Glutathione is critical for healthy immune system function. And doubling the dose will ultimately whiten the skin by blocking and converting dark/yellow melanin pigmentation to white melanin pigmentation. This is the only known side-effect of taking reduced Glutathione in an increased dose, and for most people, including myself, this is a good side effect.

Glutathione levels help protect the body from oxidative stress. Thus, glutathione levels are correlated with aging and physical function. One way to drastically increase glutathione levels, aside from consuming glutathione precursors, is through the ingestion of ascorbic acid - vitamin C - and ALA (Alpha Lipolic Acid).

Look and feel Healthy, inside and out!!

Gluta-C - dubbed as the "Secret of the Stars in Asia" for their flawless, rosy white complexion.

DOSAGE: The dosage for consumption of glutathione as an anti-oxidant is 20 to 30 mg per kg of body weight and for consumption of glutathione as a skin Lightening should be 20 to 40 mg per kg of body weight (see sample computation below). The dosage of glutathione should be taken along with vitamin C and ascorbic acid in order to maximize its results. Glutathione has also been proven to be 100% effective in lightening of the skin.

The first 3 months for the consumption of Gluta-C are the most essential and important because during this time glutathione re-aligns the chemistry of the body and only after this period the process of skin whitening starts. The quickness of the whitening process varies from person to person depending upon the rate of metabolism and chemical functioning of the body. After the process begins the skin becomes healthier and shinier than before , and within a few days your skin complexion will become noticeably fairer.

For Gluta-C Plus NAC, just omit the vitamin C. Best if used in an empty stomach or at least 30 minutes before meal.

Example Computation:

Anti-oxidant dosage: Weight: 52KG X 30mg = 1560 divide by 500mg (3 capsules of Gluta-C)

Skin Lightening dosage: Weight: 52KG X 40mg = 2080 divide by 500mg (4 capsules of Gluta-C) Plus equal amount of Vitamin C.

Side effect: Nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, these are all temporary and only last a few minutes after intake. Note: Some customers will not experience this side effects, only the ones that are sensitive to ascorbic and high dosage of amino acid. If you are sensitive, please take Gluta-C after meal. However, if this condition persists, please discontinue use.

DISCLAIMER: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.