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Skin Lightening Body Peeling Oil 120ml.

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#1 Skin Lightening Peeling Oil in the Market!

Due to COVID-19 restrictions we may be shipping Peeling Oil in different color container; Blue or Amber or whatever is available.  Our manufacturer made us aware that container suppliers are running out of stock, hence to avoid further delays. Rest assured they weigh the same and same peeling oil. (See pic)
This is a Stronger formula  with Macro peeling!!
All over body skin lightening peeling oil is a MUST for those yearning  to have a fairer, smoother, younger looking skin. It helps quickly exfoliates dead skin cells, hastening the formation of new cells. Expedite further skin lightening prior to using topical creams, lotions & soaps which you can start using once the skin has completely healed.
Be 1-2 shades lighter in just 1 week. So safe to use with no untoward side effects. Younger, smoother and blemish free skin is only a few days away.
Skin Peeling Benefits:
  • helps smooth bumps, chicken skin and ingrown
  • lighten spots, scars and all kinds of skin blemishes
  • lightens stretchmarks
  • lighten burn marks
  • overall skin lightening

Active Ingredients: TCA, Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid, , Malic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Citric Acid. (Note: This is the updated ingredients not on the label)

Comes in a full retail size of 120ml. or (2)60ml container.

Important: Don't forget to do a skin test prior to application. Advisable to use on the body, legs or arms before doing the face to make sure that it is compatible with your skin chemistry.

WARNING:NOT Skin Lightening Peeling Oil is not recommended for pregnant, lactating or children unless advise or supervise by your Dermatologist.

Click here for complete instruction on how to use our Skin Lightening Peeling Oil


Skin peeling oil

skin peeling leg with oil

skin peeling oil on back

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