Macro-Peeling Foot Mask - 6 pair

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Macro-Peeling Foot Mask - This peeling foot mask can help remove the thick hard layers (callused) caused by everyday activities like walking, wearing high heel or simply through genetics. With continued use of this treatment, you will soon enjoy a baby soft, fairer, pinkish and sexy feet. It can also help remove foot odor causing bacteria. This foot mask is made of treated organic polymer that is waterproof. The product contains milk fermentation extract, lactic acid, protease (a protein digesting enzyme that gently dissolve old/dry skin) rendering it safe to use.

Macro-Peeling Foot Mask


-Thoroughly wash your feet (soaking in hot water will enhance the essence's absorption). For people with extremely rough cuticles, you may also exfoliate your feet prior using the masks.

- Dry your feet. -Remove the masks from the pouch and wear them as if you are wearing your socks. -It is recommended wearing a pair of normal socks outside the masks, this will ensure that the masks stay in place and facilitate your movement. 


-Wear the masks for 1-2 hours (minimum 30 minutes for sensitive skin). You may experience tingling or warming sensation, this indicates that the masks are working. Stop using if you experience uncomfortable burning sensation. 


-Remove the mask and rinse your feet with water.-Wait for the peeling process to start. Depending on feet's condition, the entire process may take 7-15 days, or longer depending on the absorption of each person (I only started peeling after 8 days). 

Note: It is normal that some people may experience excessive peeling whereas others may experience very little peeling after the first pair. You may restart the process after 20-30 days (when the peeling has stopped) to achieve the desired effect. - When you see that your feet has started peeling, soaking in warm water every night is highly recommended (adding some vinegar is good too). You may use foot exfoliating tool to help to you remove the dead skin (be gentle). 
Do not apply lotion/moisturizer because you want all the dead skin to peel off first. 

For best results: if you don't see peeling within seven days, you may use another mask to enhance absorption and expedite peeling. This is NOT recommended if you have newly peeled skin or wounds/cuts.


-Do not use the masks if you have active cut or wounds. The masks may cause irritation.

-After using the masks, prevent excessive walking, high heels, and/or excess gym.

-If you have concern of whether you can use it or not, please consult your physician.
-Not recommended for people with special health conditions, e.g. pregnant.
-This product is not intended to cure or diagnose diseases.

What to expect:

-After removing the masks and the next day, you feet become white and wrinkled, you may not feel your feet well (your feet may become a bit numb).

-The following days, you feet may become very dry. People who respond fast will see their feet peeling, other may see their skin cracking, some may not see these reactions.

-Depending on how you react to the masks, you may need 2-3 pairs to achieve the desired results.

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Type: Foot Mask
Ingredient: Foot Care Dead Skin Removal Foot Mask
Foot Peeling Mask: Exfoliating Socks
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