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Placenta Soap

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Placenta Anti-aging and skin whitening soap - Ideal for aging skin. Helps sustain areas prone to wrinkles, assist on renewing damaged skin due to sun, age and environmental causes. Lightens and fades skin pigmentation. Brings back skin suppleness and youth while keeping it blemish free.

Placenta Soap

Placenta Soap  is a a delicate blend of New Zealand's finest Placenta, Extract, Soya / Moisturizing oils  and Glycerin  designed to rejuvenate aging skin cells and may be used everyday. Feel the difference on your initial use!

We can honestly say that our soaps are far more superior in quality and effectiveness than Belo!

Direction for Use: Wet skin, work soap into lather, apply & massage  gently unto skin. Rinse thoroughly.

IMPORTANT: Apply placenta cream after, or add sunblock during the day.


**Not all Placenta soaps are made the same,.most placenta soap in the market uses low % of active ingredients. Try Funky Mommy Placenta soap, to know the difference. Feel the immediate effect on your skin.

Ingredients: Placenta Extract Caustic soda or lye Solution, Soft Oil (Soya Oil), Distilled Water, Soap Coloring, CDEA (coco diethanol amide), sodium silicate, sodium ebnzoate, Soya Glycerin, Moisturizing Oil Palm / Soya Oil.

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