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Professional Salon Grade Lash Lift Perm Kit

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This complete kit will help you accentuate and curl your own natural lashes up to 3-4 months. Professional Technicians uses our kit on their salon but you can easily do it yourself from the comfort of your own home. Imagine waking up to a perfectly curled beautiful lashes every morning. This will surely cut your prep time for work in half!

Eyelash lift Kit includes:

1 Perm solution
1 Fixing Solution
1 Restore Solution
1 Cleanser Solution
1 Lash Glue
5 pairs of Lift Pads
3 Lift Tools

Tips: Read instructions before using. Keep containers tightly closed. Store kit in cool and dark place, away from sunlight. Do not use if eyelashes are broken and brittle. Store and use products carefully as they are fragile. Do skin test to check sensitivity to product.

Depending on skin type, lash cycle, and aftercare, perm may last 6-8 weeks. Aftercare: Please avoid humidity and refrain from getting water on eyelashes for at least 24 hours. Do not get too much direct sun exposure as it may weaken the treatment. Avoid rubbing eyes. Warning: Stop using if irritation or rash occurs. If contact with eyes: Remove contact lenses if applicable and immediately flush eyes


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