TaurianBelle Studio

TaurianBelle Studio - Handmade Jewelry

I would like to introduce you to my other passion; Arts and Crafts and Jewelry making. I didn't grow up liking jewelries but as i get older I realized that even one piece of jewelry can make a big difference on completing a look, an outfit. Now I don't leave the house without a necklace or an earring.

It took a lot of convincing that I can do this, I don't feel confident that I can make a single jewelry but my friends and family thought differently based on other crafts that I created in the past. I'm a minimalist in nature but every now and then I love a pop of color too and this will show in my creation.

I recently opened my Etsy Store (yay!) which by the way I have been a member since 2013 but couldn't find the courage to list my handmade jewelries. And I finally did and within a week I received 5 orders, I couldn't believe it! I was scared and worried that customers might not like it or will they leave me a negative Review or worse file a claim. 

But just like with any business structure, negative (real or made up) feedbacks are inevitable, because in a real world, you can't please everyone.

I will try to post my work here so I can share them with our Be Blemish Free customers. You can send a feedback, suggestion or purchase it of course at my Etsy Store